Friday, August 18, 2006


It's been a really tyring day... I had accomplished a lot today... Looking back at what I had achieved, my self respect just sky rocketed... It was half past eight and I had already finished dinner... Tomorrow was going to be a long day... I had already planned out every second for tomorrow... It really was a very important day fo me... As I went to bed, I kept reviewing what I had to do tomorrow - one thing after the other. As thoughts kept coming, I slowly faded into a well deserved sleep. The next thing I feel is the alarm ring. I jump out of my bed and suddenly everything is silent! As I turn my head to look for the alarm clock... the alarm starts ringing! I realise that the first alarmthat woke my up was my own biological clock! I quickly fininsh my dails chores and ran to the car shed.

Today is THE day... All the hard work I had put in would pay off today... I looked at it for one last time to see if any finishing touches were required. There was a twinkle in my eye and a smile of accomplishment on my face...

I slowly and carefully held on to it ... it was very heavy... The task that lay ahead of me was the most critical one. I had to assemble all components together and all of it had to mesh in well... I tok a deep breath and started the work with a prare on my lips. To make sure it fitted well, i first marked where each and every component would fit on it with a white chalk. Once the marking was over, I patiently started assembling one component after the other, taking utmost care that everything fitted perfectly. One hour later, it was done! I got up and had a final look. It was perfect! As I was admiring the beauty of the work I just did, I heard my mother' s voice calling out for me. I rushed back home. She was puzzled to see me in soiled clothes early in the morning. I gave her a quick hug and rushed to the bathroom for a quick bath. I could see her shaking her head and smiling as I entered the bathroom to take a wash. As soon as I came out, I went to my room, dressed up, prayed and ran to my parents bedroom. I saw my Dad sitting on his office table. I ran to him. Seeing me, he had a smile on his face. I jumped into his lap and hugged him. Giving him a kiss, I said "Happy Birthday Bappa". I held his hand and asked him to follow me into the car shed. Puzzled, He and my Mom followed me. As we reached the car shed, I asked my dad to close his eyes. I entered the shed and switched the light on. The smell of fresh paint was still there. As I turned to face my parents, I saw my Mom standing there totally surprised. She could not beleive it!

My Dad was still standing there with his eyes closed. I asked him to open them slowly. As he opened them, I pointed my finger to the wall where I had hung his GIFT- A BRAND NEW TOOL HOLDER which I had made with my own hands. He saw it and without speaking a word, held me and gave me a tight hug. The smile he had on his face was something I will never forget. It pays for all the hard work that I had put in.

This was 27th January 1992! I was just 10 then. Things have changed so much now... i have grown up and have got a good job... These days, a birthday present means so much different than what it ment 14 years back! Its been ages since I hand made something for my parents... I think its high time I wake up the KID that is sleeping inside me!